Welcome, Whys and Wherefores

Welcome to my world, a little monchrome corner of the universe.

Why WordPress with a Free Template?

In my day jobĀ  I make websites and programs for other people. This website is not a showcase for that. Sometimes I just want to spend some time with my camera making pictures. It’s also a test to see how far you can go for free without needing bespoke additions. If I find I need something a bit different that’s not available off the shelf then I’m ideally placed to do that!

Why Film?

Digital is so immediate. So available. So easy. So what?

There is a satisfaction to picture making with film and traditional photographic paper. It takes time. Arcane water-based chemical processes have to be gone through. The Holy Trinity of developer, stop, fixer. And at the end of it, a tangible manifestation of that split second when the shutter was pressed and light struck the film.